Friday, 28 March 2014

Cricket Cricket Cricket Everywhere Everytime

Cricket, the only game we have played it in every possible ways and in every possible places. Every person who plays cricket must have been to many places in and out of his area. And, I have been to so many places and met so many people.

It all started inside my home with my dad's brother when I was 2nd or 3rd standard. He is the one who introduced cricket to me and I still remember my first 'Power' bat my dad bought me.

Then, started playing with my friends in front space of my house and almost every house in that street. Each house has its own rules for getting out and scoring runs. One pitch with one hand, leaving the ball thrice consecutively, of course if you hit out of the wall, etc., all counted as wicket. Then, whole Perur will assemble in a school near my home to play cricket on all holidays. Even within that school we have many complex rules and it will be crowded always. Like Cricinfo updating score for any match at any given time, there will be some group playing there always.

Then we formed a team and started playing matches for some prize amount with other area guys. We formed, reformed again and again many times. I lost the count on number of times we have formed  a team. We moved to actual grounds as well, even though it was not so big. We all moved from Rubber ball and Tennis ball to Cork Ball.

Between all these, we used to play Top at a particular season every year. Everyone will forget cricket for few days and will be busy spinning tops. No one knows the exact month, but the whole area will be playing for few days. I still don't know who decides the season. Nowadays I don't even see anyone playing that, it's even hard to see a Top.

We played inside my friend's home with Smiley balls, at the roof top of my friends houses with plastic balls. Even with a Hammer instead of a bat sometimes with my friend, also with badminton racquet and shuttlecock instead of bat and ball. With our tuition note and paper ball on a rainy day and caught by our tuition master for playing inside the tuition center. Traveling in a minidor vehicle to the grounds because our team captain owned one, but the opposite teams were like "So you guys added a minidor driver into your team to make a playing eleven" :). During college days used to visit hostel to play cricket daily even bunked classes to play cricket. And, there was a rivalry between our IT and CT department.

At one point wherever we play cricket we will be interrupted by someone from that area and stop us from playing cricket. Some old lady or old man will come shouting towards us and we will stop playing in that ground. After joining a company I didn't play much. For a few days before coming to Chennai we were playing early morning. And, started playing in my new room also in front of our itself as usual with some bizarre rules. That too stopped now.

It's been a while since I played cricket. It happens always, but somehow I will play again. Playing cricket is always fun and have given so many sweet memories.  I have mentioned only few places here and type of cricket we played here. We have played in many other places in many different styles. Even had many fights and arguments within our friends. I think everyone who plays cricket must have done many of these, playing in bizarre places with bizarre rules, nothing can beat the fun it gives.

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