Sunday, 25 May 2014

Queen - Movie of the year till date

A movie review after quite some time. Queen, Kangana Renaut's latest comedy-drama film directed by Vikas Bahl is definitely the movie of the year 2014 so far. It was getting some rave reviews already. It's totally Kangana's show.

Rani's marriage was cancelled by his lover two days before his wedding. She still decides to go on his dream honeymoon to Paris alone. And, what happens in Paris and Amsterdam which have changed her completely is the plot.

The first half was set in Paris and how she struggles coming out of home for the first time alone and also her past love story in parallel. She gets a half-Indian friend who helps her in Paris. She doesn't come along with her till the end. She gets to do all those things which were restricted for her in India, she drinks, dances, burps :). The songs are so good, all the songs were. None of them forced into the screenplay and we don't have any unwanted duet on a dream location.

The second half was even more fun. She goes to Amsterdam alone. She gets to share a room with three boys. She was terrified initially, but become their friends eventually. One guy from Russia, another guy from France and one more guy from Japan. She gets to know how different she can be when she is not with his fiance. He too comes to Amsterdam to get back with her. This will be the only movie where you don't want a lovers to get back together and predictably she didn't.

Movie was so refreshing, you get a feel that Russian guy is gonna propose to her, but he didn't. Then, you think her Paris friend will go to Amsterdam with her, but she didn't. Then, usually in other movies girl will eventually forgive his lover or tries to get richer and a better guy than him, but she didn't. She gets a crush on a restaurant owner, who think Indian puts chilli on every food and she kisses him, but she or he didn't propose to each other.

Sometimes you have to stay away from some one to realize who you really are and what you are capable of, that's what happens to Rani on her "Honeymoon". Very well done by the team, a good first half and an even better second half with some good songs and excellent casting makes Queen a must-watch. In my opinion, a good film is the one that makes you happy and leaves you with a smile and Queen does it.

Queen - 4.0/5.0

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