Friday, 26 December 2014

Playing It My Way - Well Played, as usual

Saaachinnnn.... Sachin.... Sachin's auto biography Playing it my way is the last book I finished reading. It was wonderful to get soaked in those memories once again.

I was/am/ one of the biggest fan of Sachin, so I was really excited when this book was announced and I pre-ordered it right away. And, flipkart guys were amazing, they delivered it to me the very next day. When I got this book I immediately stopped reading the other book and started right away.

It was a trip down to my own memory lane. You almost remember all those matches which was mentioned in that list. Also, you remember when and where did you see those matches or what were you doing those matches. Also, even Sachin sledges or atleast provokes players like Steve Waugh while they was batting.

I feel he avoided most of the controversies and played it with a straight bat except for that Chappel story. And, he felt really bad after losing when he was the captain. Mostly those matches they should have won easily.

We all know Sachin is very sentimental, but he is more than what we think. He didn't even see the 2011 worldcup winning hit by Dhoni and also made sure Sehwag also doesn't see it. He was praying inside the dressing room along with Sehwag because it worked when India played Australia in quarterfinal so he wanted to do the same during the final as well. In some other tour he visited some restaurant before a game and he played well. So, he continued to visit the same restaurant for next four days, with same friends, sits in the same table and orders the same food.

He is a foodie. He knows where can he get a good food in each and every country he visits especially Indian food. Like Boys Senthil I think he must have maintained a diary with "Information" to help all those new players in every country they visit :).

And, I think he never played any series without battling some injuries. He used to fly to Srilanka in middle of a series to get some medicines from a doctor who promised to save from his pain. Its really amazing that he survived for 25 years with all those injuries. Name some part of his body he will tell the series name in which he had an injury in that part.

To become a Sachin Tendulkar you need to train and work hard like Sachin Tendulkar. Its hard really really hard. Hats off to you Sachin for giving us more joys for over twenty years when you were in pain for most of the time. Every Sachin fan must read this to have a trip down the memory lane. And, will get to know a lot of things about him.

Once again this book just proved me, why you were, you are and you will be the God of cricket forever.

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