Thursday, 2 July 2015

IEL - Indian Election League - Let's Play

This summer we have two big events happening in our country. One is the much awaited IPL and the other is something which comes once in every five years promising it will do a lot of change to the nation, IEL, Indian Election League.

The IEL season has already begun. This time Modi's BJP is looking like a strong team. No one thinks Congress going to win this election. But, who knows anything can happen.

I think in the history of India we had an acting PM for so long for ten years. I feel pity on MMS if congress loses this election he will be the first person to be happy I guess. And, I hope he's happy at the end of this election. 

I had a very high hopes on AAP once they won an election in Delhi, but they just lost everyone's confidence after resigning in just 39 days. Why Kejrival why? You can achieve a lot of things being a CM than what you have achieved by resigning. Now you want to be a PM, sorry Kejri I don't think you deserve this. I am angry only because you promised to be different from others and we expected a change from you. We thought we could witness the changes you can do during your ruling period in Delhi. If you could have made a difference I think AAP could have won big everywhere in the next parliamentary elections, now I have no idea where you will end up this time.

In our Tamil Nadu I have no idea what DMK and ADMK going to do if they win many seats. For ADMK our CM's aim is to become next PM which looks little unrealistic, but will be happy if it happens. DMK has only choice of getting back to Congress if they win big, again I don't think it will happen. BJP has a terrible alliance with DMDK, MDMK, PMK among them I respect only Vaiko's MDMK. Now I am reluctant to vote for them because I hate DMDK and PMK. And, no idea how Vaiko, a follower of Periyar is with BJP, but yes "Arasiyilla ithu ellam satharanamappa".

Modi had single-handedly given a huge boost to BJP. There are still debates on whether Gujarat really developed or not, but my only hope is if he becomes the next PM he cannot be as bad as our current PM even if he is bad.

Everyone must go and vote. I have booked my ticket to my native on the same day when the dates are announced. I feel it's the only power we have in our hand that we must use. And, I feel if you don't vote you have no rights to complain about the government. You have only one duty and if you can't do that don't blame the government if they fail in doing their duties. But, I don't see the enthusiasm in many people. They don't even know their candidates in their area. They only know the election's date that too because you get a day off. I hope this changes. Everyone should know about their candidates as much as they know about their favorite teams in the IPL. Everyone must choose a capable candidate rather than voting for their favorite party.

This IEL has already started which promises to be bigger than the IPL. The whole country should play this and there will be a new winner I hope.

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