Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Happy 67th Independence Day

As we get ready to celebrate our 67th Independence day, I like to share few thoughts. So much of worst things happened last year, few good things also happened. I think we are not getting better with each year passes by. Even at present we have so many problems like rupee losing its value to dollars, Pakistan killing our soldiers, dividing Andhra Pradesh, we have too many troubles going on. Lets forget all and celebrate our Independence.

I don't think there is a problem with our country India, the problem is because of few Indians at the top. If we have better Indians at the top we will have better India.

As a citizen of India we can do something on our part to our country by following few simple things, like not littering on roads and try to keep our city clean, obeying traffic rules, saving water and electricity, casting our vote. These are the few things I think we can easily follow. Let us become good citizens to make India a better India. I hope we will be in better state next year.

Be an Indian and proud to be an Indian.

Happy Independence day

Jai Hind..!!

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