Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Chennai to Sivakasi via Kodaikanal

This wasn't my last trip with KONE guys as I feared. We have completed another successful trip courtesy Muthukumar's wedding this time. I have got something to write in my blog and I am writing this especially for few people to know what did they miss by skipping this trip :D

Happy Married Life Muthu
In the past two trips we selected a hill station to visit, which is a three or four hours from the actual wedding location and that too with our own hired vehicle. Since I was not in the planning committee this time I didn't know the details and my geographical skills were poor as well, I thought we have done the same this time and selected Kodaikanal, oh boy I was very wrong.

This time we started with nine people, as usual there were cancellations and last minute additions. In both of my previous trips we attended the wedding first, then went on to carry our trip on our selected hill station. This time we went straight to our selected location Kodaikanal via train till Kodai road and thank god the train reached two hours late so we reached there by 5o clock instead of midnight three, and got into a mini bus which was going to the hilltop with Raja songs for company.

There was a power cut after reaching the hotel, so we had to take the ice bucket challenge since no hot water, ooh it was freezingly good. The first day we hired a Tavera, thanks to some last minute cancellations a Tavera was enough, and started to explore Kodaikanal. We had a guide within our group, Naga, who seems to have visited Kodai every weekend and as per his experience we decided to go Mannavanur. It was a beautiful location with a small lake. And, we had a little fight with the people working there. We found one unattended mobile and we told the people we will handover at the front desk instead to them and the funny thing is, these guys were complaining to a police officer as if we said something wrong. Anyway, we handed over the phone and that police insisted us to take some photos for proof. We are expecting some medals from our president soon.

The next stop was a "Temple", yes you read that right, first time with guys in a hill station. And, that's the place where the movie Seevalaperi Pandi movie was shot, our driver kept repeating it. Then, followed by a meals at a costly restaurant. All other spots were either closed or filled with just mist and reached room by early, but it was "colourful" nevertheless so we stopped everywhere. After reaching our room, we decided to go out for a tea, that was the longest walk I ever took for a tea we went around the whole Kodaikanal lake, which was more than five kms, but the weather and the tea we had later was worth the walk.

Temple 2 Mohan refusing to take down that jacket even at that scorching heat.

The next day we walked again to visit another "Temple", yes two in two, by walk again. This was a difficult walk because of the weather and And, that's the only place we visited that day.  We expected rain in Kodai, but we escaped and it was raining only when after we boarded the bus. We started our marathon bus journey from Kodai @ two pm to Madurai to Sivakasi to Alangulam around 11 pm. There were some fights in our bus from Kodai to Madurai as well, but we weren't involved. The weather was completely opposite in Alangulam and the India vs Pakistan match wasn't interesting either.

The wedding was at a temple, so we went to a "Temple" again for third straight day with a bunch of guys. It is definitely a new record. After attending the main event the next day, just when we thought our trip is over, we planned to go to Courtralam to fulfil the birthday boy Ajesh's wish. There was enough water, but a lot of people. We have to squeeze ourselves, but enjoyed there totally once we were in the water. It was totally refreshing after a lot of travelling and a hot day. That really made our trip great followed by the lunch/dinner at the "International Famous" Border Parotta Shop. We changed our plan to get back to Rajapalayam and boarded the train at Senkottai itself. It was one of the beautiful railway station I've ever been and weather was too good with a slight drizzle.

Scenic Station @ Senkottai

We travelled in unreserved compartment till our actual boarding station, it was unforgettable. If you are already in the train you cannot miss the train :) I can't even imagine how people travel their whole journey like that. And, it was already hot in the train reminding us the weather in Chennai. Another long journey started and reached Chennai on time though. And, the only trip where we took very less photos I guess. Also, we missed both of our group's 'selfie sticks' (Ram & Bharath) in this trip.

If you are already in the train you cannot miss the train :)
Anyway, it was an excellent trip with a lot of new places and new experiences. First-time we spent most of the time travelling in public transport in a trip, first-time visiting temples in hill stations, first-time in Sivakasi, Border Parotta. Overall an excellent trip and wishing Muthu a very happy life ahead and it's a pity that few people missed it.

Chennai to Kodai Road to Kodaikanal to Madurai to Sivakasi to Alangulam to Rajapalayam to Kuttralam to Senkottai to Chennai nearly 1500 kms.

So this could be my last long weekend trip as a bachelor? I hope I am proven wrong once again.

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