Tuesday, 3 October 2017

அவளும் நானும்

Yes, finally there's an "அவள்" in my life now. After searching all over the world, in the matrimony app, found her near my home.

In one of my old post about "Peelamedu and Myself - Still a better love story than Twilight", I finished it saying " Peelamedu has given me a lot of memories, who knows I may even get back to Peelamedu again :)"  I didn't go back to Peelamedu, but another connection with Peelamedu now. My "அவள்" has studied in the same college, same department and the same course, in Peelamedu. 

First Meeting : April 1st widely known as April Fools' day, but I will be remembering it differently from this year. That's the day I met my "அவள்". It's isn't any love-at-first-sight kinda filmy meeting. It's a traditional pre-planned matchmaking process, "ponnu paaka ponen", PelliChoopulu. We didn't do much of a talking at her home. After having the usual coffee and sweets, went to a temple then to a CCD, where a lot can happen over a coffee. After a lot of visits, this is the first time something happened there. Talked with my "அவள்" for sometime and decided she will be my "அவள்" when I came out. I felt the feelings was mutual.

First Month : Everything changed from that day one onwards. Before, if the battery percentage is 20 it's good to go till the end of the day. Now, if it's 70%, I am looking for my charger already. Before, we usually take a long route to reach our building lift after coffee breaks within our IT park. Now, shortest route was more than enough, no longer I need to "sight" anyone, sorry girls :D. My gallery was full of actress images, now it's full of selfies I receive. I never miss a match in IPL, yeah I still follow it, now I hardly watch it between the phone calls. And, finally I won't be watching movies with guys alone anymore. But, I don't even regret any of these changes.

First Movie : Kaatru Veliyidai, a Mani Ratnam romance, we thought there won't be any better movie for this special occasion. We were totally wrong, though we know it after the day it is released. But, we still went ahead to watch that. The movie was so boring. My first time with a girl, not a good experience at all. Had a good expectation, but the movie was a disaster, just like RCB in this year's IPL.

Looking forward to a lot more first and repeats in the coming days, months and years to come.

It was like a magic everything happening so fast and I am already engaged for one month now. Apart from all the reasons I've mentioned here in my post Get Married..!!, the one and only valid reason to get married is, "If you find a right girl, get married". I found my அவள், so I am getting married :)


  1. Nice and interesting post....Aug is still a long way to go......there would be several more 'first' with your 'aval'..... enjoy and keep posting (ofcourse leaving out the personal and intimate details)