Monday, 16 January 2017

Bairavaa - Mudiala

First of all the wig, I could have seen him going bald rather than him sporting this atrociously bad wig. How the hell the whole team approved this? I can't take my mind of it and in each and every scene it keeps reminding me and I'm already hating the movie. None of the dresses suits this atrocious hairdo. Sorry Barathan and co you lost me right there.

Next, the opening song, this is the essence of every commercial movie which sets the tone of the whole movie which should make you dive right into the festival mood. SaNa has delivered an uninspiring tune with some lyrics relating to demonetization. Sorry, SaNa this isn't your forte after Kodi this was another missed opportunity. And, Anandhu's voice doesn't suit at all.

And, the first half goes on and on with an XXL sized flashback surprisingly which doesn't involve Vijay and another surprise it involves the heroine unlike any other mass hero commercial movie. And, the interval was the high point in an otherwise boring movie. And, SaNa and Arunraja rocks with the varlam varlam va theme, couldn't imagine this film without it.

After setting up the first half somewhat like Kaththi, Barathan executes the second half in very old style like how Perarasu would have done. IT raid, still we are using this, come on. This is why ARM is one of the best commercial movie directors we have today, who mixes the commercial elements with the social message well.

Vijay's dialogue modulation was irritating again, wonder why nobody asks him to change it, but hey they didn't even bother about the wig. And, Daniel Balaji was good, but wasted here who was not even needed, when the villain is gonna kill him easily why bother having a separate track for him. And, what was Thambi Ramaiah doing there who doesn't even have more than two or three dialogues. Same goes to Harish Uthaman, Mala akka, etc.

Overall, this wasn't a surprise going by the FL, teaser and trailers. For Barathan as a director, I feel ATM was better than this. When you can do movies like Thuppakki, Kaththi why bother doing Jilla and Bairavaa? And, please never ever come in this hairdo any other film again.

Rating - 1.5/5.0.

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