Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hey Ram - Who's a Mahatma?

This post is the result of watching the movie once again on a Saturday night until 3:30 am and this is not a review. Hey Ram, released in 2000 is one of Kamal's THE BEST movie.

When it's released I had no idea what this movie is about and didn't even try to watch it. All I heard was it's not a good movie, too slow, no one can understand, boring, etc. Even during it's telecast on TV when my uncle (Kamal's fanatic) was watching I urged him to change the channel and didn't watch. Finally, I saw only the second half of the movie last year in TV, I know it's too late, but late enough to understand the movie I guess. Only now saw the full movie. Better late than never.

By this time most of us would have seen or heard about the storyline. It has a brilliant cast starting from Kamalhasan, SRK, Atul Kulkarni, Nasrudheen Shah, Rani, Vasundra, Valee, etc. have done a tremendous job. And, there is  Ilayaraja with beautiful songs and an excellent BGM. If "Nee partha" song is not in your playlist then you haven't heard a good song in your life. And, if you haven't seen the movie then you are missing something really big. So please help yourself by watching this classic.
I guess if the movie releases today, with SRK in it, who can handle the publicity, who knows even this film could have crossed 100 crores and Kamal would have made enough money to restart his Marudhanayagam. Who cares if it didn't win the oscars when it was our official entry from India, we know this is really the best movie.

If Anbe Sivam says everyone is a God, this film says everyone is a Mahatma. Gandhiji (in Hey Ram) says, if one is not a Mahatma, one is an animal. 

Kamal is really a Mahatma or God or both in his own way, even an animal sometimes. All he says, right from Devarmagan (maybe even before) is  அன்பே சிவம்.. அன்பே மகாத்மா..

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