Tuesday, 12 November 2013

An unpleasant trip with a happy ending

You take your uncle's favorite bike, go for a trip against his will, return with a maximum damage to his bike, what do you think he will do?

Apache, which looks similar to the one of Karthick's in VTV ;), is my uncle's bike. Once in a while I used to take it and go to office or movie, but not regularly. One day we have decided to go Valparai with my office mates in bike. And, I asked two of my friends near my home to join me. My uncle was reluctant to let me go, but somehow convinced him and got his bike. We started one evening and reached Valpari by night. The temperature was not so cool. But, it was nice riding in hills at night.

What happened next day is the story, we all started to go to Athirapalli falls that day. It was a long ride and the road was as bad as you get. While somewhere in the middle when I missed the sight of the road for a second, my friend sitting at my back shouted to warn me there is a hole in the road. On hearing him I pressed the brake as hard as I could. Next moment we  crash landed, and my other friend who ran into our bike was flying in the air in slow motion. That sight was still in my mind. We three were hurt a little, but the bike looked terrible. After sometime, we had a good laugh and took some photos there of that remarkable incident ;).

That "Historical Event" took place here:)

That night after long ride we reached home, thankfully no one noticed the bike's miserable condition. Next morning my uncle saw the bike and woke me up. He thought I was severely hurt looking at the bike's condition, but I was okay. He asked me what the hell happened and why the bike looks so terrible? I cooked a story, a snake came in the middle (my friend's idea actually) so I applied the brake and we all fell down. He didn't tell me anything.

I thought that was my last ride in Apache and he will never let me touch his bike again. But, this is what he did, next day morning he gave the key to me and asked me to take the bike to service, then he said, "Pay whatever it takes to get that bike into a good condition and keep it with you itself, I will no longer use that". I was really surprised, I thought I will never ride the bike again, but it was my own now. That mishap wasn't my last ride in Apache. It was just the beginning :). And, it's been nearly three years since the Apache became my own. Thank you Mams.

P.S : Now I ride that "Apache" in Chennai also, even my home is near that "VTV" house, but Jessy is not there.


  1. Nice :)
    Wish you good luck for getting nice GF like Jessy(?!)

  2. Maaps, nice da. Its good to see that u have written about the trip which we went together. Athula highlight eh Selva "keep close" nu sonnathukaga, unakku pinnadi vanthuttu iruntha un friend um unna mariye vanthu viluntharey :-)