Saturday, 16 November 2013

Once a Sachinist.. Always a Sachinist..

There are lots and lots of great articles pouring in the internet since Sachin announced his retirement. But, still I cant resist myself from writing something about my hero.

First of all thank you little master to play cricket in my time. I know this day is near, Sachin retiring from cricket, but still it is very hard to believe I will no longer watch him bat live. Cricket will never be the same again. He is playing cricket for 24 years and I am 25 now, I grew up watching Sachin. He is my Hero, Superman, God of cricket. I liked cricket because of Sachin. He gave me so many reasons to smile, so many wonderful moments, so much of happiness. I will no longer feel butterflies in my stomach whenever Sachin is on strike, even while the following the match in Cricinfo.

Some people complain, Sachin plays for records. He doesn't play for records, while playing he makes and breaks some records on it's way. And, one of the stupidest statement to hear about him is, "When Sachin hits a century, India will lose". You can check plenty of statistics, we can see the percentage of winning is always higher than losing. Yeah, he made some centuries and India lost, it's not his mistake. His teammates let him down many times like that Chennai Test against Pakistan or Hyderabad ODI against Aussies. When going gets tough, tough gets going.

And, I like Tendulkar bowling as well. He is the only guy who can bowl everything. Off-Break, Leg-Break, In swinger, Out swinger. He can even defend six runs of the last over and win a cup for his team with his bowling as well. And, who can forget that last ball of the day in Pakistan to bowl Moin Khan between his legs. The most important thing I liked about Sachin is even after 24 years he played with same interest, he gives 100% every time on the field.

I regret not watching him live in ground, playing for India. Damn I missed it. And, I won't get another opportunity now. Only once I saw him on the field during the last  IPL, CSK vs MI at Chepauk. I was very enthusiastic to see the master bat. MI decided to bat first. It was an amazing sight to watch Sachin and Ponting walk together. But in the end it was an anticlimax, Sachin got out on very first ball he faced :(. Disaster for me.

So much of memories, so much of joy, thanks a ton Sachin TONdulkar. I am sure I will watch all those highlights of yours whenever they telecast. Every time I close my eye I can remember those picture perfect Straight Drives. As I read somewhere, it should be renamed as SRT drive. Your SRT drive to bring up the fifty in your 200th test is registered in my mind permanently.

I loved him more than Cricket, more than Team India. You were, you are and you will be the God of cricket forever. Cricket is blessed to have you, Team India is blessed to have you and we all blessed to have you Sachin.

Thank You Sachin.

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  1. Agree with ur words da ... There can be any number of cricketers. But no one can become Sachin ... Miss u Sachin ...