Wednesday, 13 April 2016

24 - On Loop 24/7

An ARR album released, it's as exiting as a new release of any big hero's movie. So after hearing it as many times as possible since its release, here's what I think about this album, which contains six tracks (balls), let me see how much ARR scored in this over.

Naan Un - Best song of this album easily. ARR’s trademark melody sung by two singers, who are best in business, Chinmayi and Arjit. Really soothing lyrics by Madhan Karky and didn't take many hearings to fall in love with this song. And, glad to hear Arjit in Tamil and he did a good job. SIXER.

Mei Nigara - What happens when both composer and the lyricist experiments in their own domain? We get an interesting tune and interesting lyrics. Be it different sounds that we discover on each hearing or that “Oodathe..” line which travels throughout the song, this is one hell of an exciting song. And, MeiNigara = Virtual Reality, kudos to Karky as well. And, sung by our ARR’s new favorite Sid Sriram and Jonita, another pick of this album. SIXER.

Kaalam En Kadhali - Here comes the intro song of a sci-fi film written by veteran Vairamuthu. This was typical Rahman song, didn't invoke much interest when released as single and as usual with repeated hearing making it as a must in current play-list. Benny Dayal’s energetic voice and that “Aattral arase” chorus makes it a fantastic intro song, can't wait to watch it in the big screen. FOUR.

Punnagaye - This song reminds me of some old Rahman song, but sounds fresh. Another melody in the album, the flute portion which comes now and then is the real highlight of this song. Haricharan does a neat job and Sasha sounds like Chinmayi, but beautiful nevertheless. FOUR.

Aararo - A lullaby sung by sweet Sakthisree Gopalan with very minimal orchestration, just like “Enga pona rasa” from Maryan. Shortest track in this album and sweetest. A lullaby in a sci-fi is really interesting. COUPLE.

My twin brother - A scintillating theme for, maybe, Athreya. The “Ayush man Bhava”chant sounds deadly and trailer shows Athreya mouthing the same. This theme just reassures that ARR is on a different level. FOUR.

So 24 is a fantastic album from our Isai Puyal. He hits 26 of six tracks (balls). A sci-fi based movie which has plenty of melodies, and after exiting teaser and stunning trailer can't wait for the movie now.

24 - 4/5.

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