Friday, 22 July 2016

Kabali - மகிழ்ச்சி, சற்று குறைவே

Kabali, the biggest movie of this year is finally here. My first FDFS (5 am) in Chennai for a Superstar movie. And, it's off my bucket list and it must be experienced once, even though I paid much for a ticket. What started as a small budget film from Rajnikanth with new team, but the over the top promotions made it as a huge movie.

When the announcement came that Rajini was going to do a movie with two-film-old-director Ranjith it came as surprise and what made it interesting was Rajni playing his age. And, Ranjith retained his Madras film crew for this movie.

The plot is an old gangster in Malaysia after getting released from prison resumes his fight against the gang and also searches his family. Ranjith once again adds some his political touches in this film as well, but it didn't work well in this film.

Rajnikanth was as usual wonderful, especially as aged don. He totally rocks in mass scenes and in emotional scenes as well. Especially in the second half when he reunites with Radhka Apte, best scene in this film. Even at this age, his mannerisms and expressions are good, even the fight sequences. Radhika Apte proves she's an excellent actress and fits the role perfectly. All the scenes involving her are the highlight in this movie. Also, Dhansika who was equally good in her role, two excellent castings. Among the others John Vijay and Kishore does their part well. And, Dinesh made people laugh unintentionally. The villain character Tony Lee, was a dud.

I really loved the first half, which had the mix of mass scenes - terrific first 15 mins or so, emotions, the flashback portions and an excellent interval point. Luckily the flashback wasn't too big and it wasn't shown in a usual way and Ranjith carefully avoided the romance scenes and all. The wig doesn't suit well in the flashback portions. The second half turns the movie into a usual commercial flick which wasn't expected from Ranjith. All his talks about close to reality was really missing. The screenplay wasn't much engaging either which flows predictably.

SaNa once again gives terrific BGM, everyone's wish of watching Rajni in his BGM was fulfilled. Whenever the "Neruppu da" BGM plays, the fans went berserk. And, also in the emotional scenes as well his scores does the job perfectly. The costumes for Rajni and Dhansika should get a special mention. The editing could have made the film even more trimmer.

Kabali could have been more of a Ranjith film than a Rajni film, maybe some strong scenes in the flashback portions which depicts Rajni fighting for the Tamil people there. Rajni - Good, Radhika Apte - Good, BGM and Songs - Good, Story and Screenplay - could have been better, which would have made Kabali a much better film.

But, all said I really liked Rajni playing his age a big takeaway from this movie and also working with young director. I wish Rajni continues to do more films playing his age here on.

FDFS @ Sri Brintha Theatre
Rating 2.75 / 5.0. - #Kabali > #Linga. #Madras > #Kabali.

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