Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Border Gavaskar Trophy - Goodbye Dhoni, Welcome Virat.

'Superman' Smith
Border-Gavaskar trophy, even though it isn't an Ashes, but it has quite a good followers. It has produced numerous nail-biting tests over the years. This time around it was an emotional series for Australians after Phil Hughes's loss. Kudos to them to bounce back and win the series 2-0.

This series belongs to 'Superman' Smith who not only captained three tests, but also scored over 700 runs with a century in each test. Our bowlers had no clue on how to bowl to him or for any other batsmen including Ryan Harris. And, for India it was our new captain Virat Kohli who was back in form, after a disaster in England. As a captain he did his best in the first test and almost won that match.

We also found a two more solid batsmen other than Virat who can bat overseas 'Well-left' Vijay and Rahane and both of them were consistent in England as well. And, the biggest disappointment is Pujara, who's failing consistently overseas, but we can't replace him with Raina for sure. Dhawan also having trouble overseas who might lose his position to Rahul, who stunned everyone by the way, he played in his debut had a good comeback in his next test and proved justice to his selection with a century.

All the bowlers, Yadav, Aaron, Shami, Bhuvi, gone from bad to worse except Ashwin. Its very disappointing to see them leak runs like a T20 match in tests and their inability to get of the tail quickly is the real pain in the ass, which allows the opposition to get into a good position even after a bad start. Its a better series for Ashwin considering his own standards in his previous overseas tours.

The series result could have been different if only India didn't collapse in the first test after Vijay's wicket. If only Rohit or Virat or Saha played little more sensibly. But, we can take it, at least they didn't surrender under three or four days like their other overseas tests recently. Its also nice to see them go for a victory and then lose rather than surrendering without even trying. And, also in the second test if only they got rid of the tail soon and didn't allow them to get a 100 run lead in the first innings the result could have been different. It could have been 2-0 in our favor.

I thought it's going to be another whitewash, but they avoided it with a draw in the third test which happened to be the last test for Dhoni. Eventhough, I am not a fan of Dhoni, the test batsman, but no one can complain about his captaincy with the kind of bowlers he had. He even took team India to No. 1 in Test which was like a dream now. They are as low as seventh position now. He did his best, now its time of Kohli to rebuild and win some matches overseas.

And, during the fourth tests we all came to know there was nothing wrong with Dhoni, its only our bowlers. The fourth test also had a similar result where India fought it out for another draw and 2-0 doesn't look bad at all after those 4-0.

Positives from this series is Indian have found at least three solid batsmen in Tests, Virat, Vijay and Rahane and also a new test captain. But, unless our bowlers step-up we won't see any different results. This series also saw the end of
our most loved (hated) captain in tests. Goodbye Dhoni, you always gave your best, you will be missed and all the best to Virat, Anushka unaku than.

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