Thursday, 15 January 2015

I - Y

I was very much looking forward to this film. I had too much of expectation on this film. I was really excited once I entered the theatre. But, I was really disappointed at the end of the movie.

The positives are as usual Shankar's grand imagination. And, of course the songs, each and every song was spectacular. Mini-ads in Ladio and Aila, exotic locales in Pookale, beast look and art direction in Ennodu and the best was Merasallayiten, Shankar's imagination and perfect execution of objects like tv, bike, mobile, fish turning into Amy was a treat to watch. Also, the fight sequences, some where lengthy though. And, Vikram's dedication and performance is THE BEST. Its evident in every frame and in his each and every look as a body builder, model, koonan shows he is a perfectionist. Cannot imagine any other actor in his shoes. Amy as a model is a beautiful choice though her lip sync could have taken care, also for few other actors as well. Santhanam had the audience in splits for the first one hour.

Weta Workshop has done a tremendous job and only Shankar can bring them to Tamil cinema. Vikram makeup was one of the highlight of the movie.  Also, at the end each and every villain's look as wel it was extraordinary though it doesn't look good. And, I didn't enjoy Santhanam making fun about their looks.

Now the negatives, the movie's running length over  three hours. Very weak villains and a very highly predictable twists. This is where I really felt disappointed, never expected a Shankar's film to be this much predictable and that twist was 'Lingu- Samantha-Anjaan' level. The China portions in the first half was too lengthy at least Santhanam's presence could have made a difference. Also, that transgender trying to seduce Vikram portions were really backfired.

Unanimously everyone accepted that Sujatha is really missed. And, I felt that very strongly. None of the dialogues stayed in my mind. And, with Sujatha the screenplay could have been better.

A romantic thriller or a revenge story single-handedly carried by Vikram's monster performance let down by weak writing. This is not a bad movie, ayyo amma mokkai kind of a movie. But, strictly one time watch which I didn't expect Shankar to make this which made me disappoint.

I - Y Shankar? Not Shankar's I its Vikram's I. Deserves a one time watch in theatre just for Vikram. 

Rating - 3.0/5.0. 

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