Monday, 4 May 2015

Uttama Villain - MrithunJeyan of Cinema - “Kamal”

Kamal’s movie finally in cinemas after two years and once again enough drama before the release. It's another movie which would have been not possible without Kamal only he can write, act, produce this kind of films.

The movie starts with a scene where fans celebrating his new movie and we see Manoranjan romancing Pooja on screen in a movie titled Veera Vilayattu, I'm sure we won't see that kind of a movie from Kamal. The plot is about an ageing superstar Manoranjan who discovers something about his life and decides to set things right. It's more of an emotional movie and also a movie within a movie. Manoranjan decides to make his last movie with his guru Margadaresi, played by KB himself and they start Uttama Villain within Uttama Villain with Gibran as a music director in it.

Apart from Kamal, M S Bhasker, KB, Nasser, Pooja and Urvasi were brilliant. Especially KB sir was super and as Kamal said in recent interview he reminds the legend Nagesh for sure. And, Parvathy Menon’s was good at her limited role. Andrea was just okay.

When the trailer released I was wondering how the 8th century portions will be connected to the present and the 8th century portions were the movie they make within the movie. But, these portions didn't work much as expected. It was supposed to be funny, but it had very few laughs. It could have executed in a better way, but still Kamal amazes as Uttaman so we can watch it for Kamal. If only it was amazing as the first few minutes of Dasavatharam this movie would have been in a different level.

Gibran was the backbone of this movie. All his songs and BGM was top-notch. Also, the art and vfx department have done their job very well. Especially the Iraniyan Nadagam was top class. Kamal’s lyrics, voice and his performance gave the perfect ending to this movie.

Manoranjan’s life was more interesting it was like watching Kamal’s life himself on screen with so many meta references. Casting KB is the master stroke. His first interaction with Kamal is really highlight of the film. His emotional scenes with Parvathy and his son was touching. Also, those two letters, from and to Yamini scenes were brilliant.

Uttama Villan is all about the superstar Manoranjan and the performer inside the superstar Uttaman. Manoranjan will remain immortal through Uttaman and his other movies.சாகவரம் போல் சோகம் உண்டோ? தீரா கதையை கேட்பார் உண்டோ?

Uttama Villan may have flaws, but it won't affect as long as we love to see this man Kamal. As KB says in the movie “Who doesn't love this guy, everybody loves him”. We love you.

Rating - நான் இன்னும் வளரனும்.

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