Monday, 18 May 2015

3G to G3 - Apple to Android

After using Apple 3Gs for few years, I am back to Android. My very first smartphone, Xperia X8, was an Android phone which ran on an Android 1.6 version. My very first touch-screen mobile. Its 3-inch touch-screen looked so big in my hand.

It was so good to use a smart phone. Also, it was wonderful when they released an update in OS. I thought this would be the trend whenever a new Android OS is released, but they stopped updates for my phone after that 2.1 update. I was struck in that OS, unable to move apps to SD cards with my limited phone memory it was painful. Then, none of the apps was getting installed since they required OS version higher than mine and even the old apps were getting hanged or stopped with an error. Most irritating app was "Call", whenever I receive an incoming call the application "Call" will get crashed.

Then, came my first iPhone 3Gs. It was my sister's, I jailbroke it myself which took me two nightouts and it was worth it. I was able to install all the apps available outside the app store. It was smooth and touch response was fantastic. And, its minimal UI was a treat to use. Instantly addicted to iOS.

But, nothing was straightforward, you can't download a song and keep it as your ringtone in one go like we do in Android, which will be irritating in the beginning, but we will get used to it. And, you can't share pictures easily via Bluetooth, I couldn't figure out the purpose of Bluetooth in that phone. It was worth it, to have an iPhone that too jailbroken was fantastic. But, as usual I was struck with iOS 5.1 and the latest was iOS 8. I can't play any video files. As usual none of the apps was getting installed and not able to update any existing apps as well. It has become another Xperia X8 for me.

So decided to go for a new phone and was in a dilemma to go for an Android or another Apple product. After much analysis and research (!) decided to buy an Android which was worth the money I pay than the over-hyped-over-priced Apple and bought a LG G3. I was planning to buy Nexus 6, but it's too-big.

This one is a bada size phone with 5.5 inch screen and bada in every other hardware spec. It was running on KitKat and there was an update to Lollipop immediately. So far, it doesn't hang, apps are running smooth. But, haven't installed many games. Except for "Home" application crashing occasionally, the system doesn't get hanged. And, the internal memory of 32GB is sufficient so far. It has many cool features which LG have customized. I like some of the features like, bringing the phone near your ear to attend a call, flip your phone to skip track, call the one who messaged, take a selfie, etc. It has its own phone lock method, Knock Code, you just have to tap the phone even without switching on the screen, to unlock. These cool gimmicks makes this phone really interesting. And, yes this phone makes me take many Selfies. Also, I don't need any tab to watch movies while travelling, thanks to the screen size and its Quad HD resolution. With its Quick circle case, it allows to access few apps without even opening the cover, it's really cool. And, it has its mandatory power and volume buttons in the back making it look like a phone without any buttons which reduces its bezel area. I really enjoy using this phone.

I think I have made a right decision to go with an Android phone instead of Apple and this phone is really great so far. I wish it works in the same way for next few years and I hope LG provides me latest updates. Switching from 3G to G3, Apple to Android is proving to be a right decision.

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