Sunday, 7 June 2015

Kakka Muttai - Not a “0” its a “100”

When I saw this film’s poster few years back I thought it's gonna be another “soga” film which will be praised only by critics. And, when it started winning awards I thought I was right, but the trailer changed everything. And, then the songs as well. Finally, the movie itself was fantastic.

The boys were terrific, Chinna KM and Peria KM. Especially Chinna KM when he says “My name is KakkaMuttai”. Also, Ishwarya as their mom was excellent, never knew she could pull off this kinda character with ease. The movie is about the quest of the boys to eat Pizza in a Pizza shop which was opened in a place where these kids used to play and these boys have KakkaMuttai from a tree there.

These boys father is in a jail we never know why. And, we never get to know the names of these boys as well also their friends Pazharasam’s real name.

The good thing about this movie is even though it shows the struggle of these boys the movie was never dull. It had plenty of funny moments and comedy. Excellent wiring by the debut director.

The director himself have done the cinematography as well and he is brilliant in that too. GVP’s one of the best album in recent times and none of the songs interrupt the flow, the editing was crisp. And, BGM also does the job well.

We have to read between the lines to get the messages in many scene like, when Ishwarya gets the Free TV from ration shop another one was already in her home. Now they have two TVs, and when her mom-in-law asks about the rice she says no stock in the ration shop. EKSI, ration shop has enough TVs, but not the rice. And, when Chinna KakkaMuttai says “sathiama ulla vida matanga” when they see city centre for the first time, we laugh with him, but its sad. Also when he feels the AC for the first time. I never thought they would have never felt AC’s chill in their life.

This has to be the best movie of this year. It tells you more about the difference between rich and poor, people with power and he never tries to preach something. Also, unlike many award movies this movie isn’t melodramatic or doesn't have any forced sad ending.

Also this film brings Simbu on screen after very long time. Kudos to the producers as well for doing this film. One film Dhanush and Vetrimaran can be proud of producing.
Rating - 100/100. A must watch film.

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  1. Looks like there are so many good movies this year! Fine depiction :)