Monday, 29 June 2015

Malar - Malaree... En Uyiril Vidarum PaniMalare..

"Malare ninne kaanathirunaal, Mizhivekiya niramellam maayunna pole" 
Malar, a fictional character in Premam made me fell head over heels for her (trying to be Gautam Menon). None of the characters had made this much of an impact on me like Malar did. So many reasons made me love Malar and she's been driving me crazy since I saw the movie first time. Now I have seen it two more times just for Malar  miss and that Malare song video, lost the count on how many times I have seen it, my counter variable have overflown. Fantastic song with beautiful lyrics, singing and music and perfectly complemented with a brilliant video.

Before going into the movie I didn't even know her name. I didn't remember her face also even though I saw one pic in twitter. But, when she entered on screen and introduced herself as "Malar, en pera sonen", she just made me love her immediately just like how George (Nivin Pauly) felt at once after seeing her.

There's something unique in the way she speaks Tamil and her voice as well. It was very cute, the way she spoke her lines, "Sollamaten, sollamaten", "kadaisi number 6, maathi solliten", "enna pannittu irukenga?". Vizhunthuten. And, she isn't trying to be cute like few heroines who will irritating while trying to be cute and acts a loosu. She's the cutest and even her pimples adds more beauty.

I have already fallen for Malar and then comes the knock-out punch, her kuthu-dance. It was stunning, just like the way she stunned those three guys in the movie.  And, when I was watching for the first time it was a shocking surprise. That was really a mind-blowing kuthu dance I have seen in a long time. I wish they had one video with her dance movies alone for that "Rockankuthu" song. I just figured out later she danced in some reality shows and in fact Alphonse Puthren remembered her from one of the show and called her after seven years.

I have already downloaded every available picture of her on the internet and liked all the FB pages with her name and following her in Twitter as well. One more stalker for her. If the Wikipedia entry is right her hometown is very near to my native and she grew up in my native CBE as well, that's interesting. And, if this is true, "Her future plans is to complete the MBBS and return back to Coimbatore her home town and practice there", I am gonna get sick very often.

"Malare ninne kaanathirunaal, Mizhivekiya niramellam maayunna pole" - Malare, in your absence, all the colours decorated me are fading off. Lovely line from that Malare song in Premam and yeah even I feel the same and watching this movie again and again just for Malar. I have seen it thrice already I may watch it at least one more time in big screen.

Malar, a beautiful character in a beautiful film played by a beautiful actor. I am not gonna forget Malar easily. Thanks to Alphonse Puthren for writing such a character and also for casting a perfect Malar.

"Hi Malar.
Im Karthic.

நான் இத சொல்லியே ஆகணும். நீ அவ்வளவு அழகு. 
இங்க எவனும் இவ்வளோ அழகா ஒரு..

இவ்வளோ அழகா பார்த்திருக்க மாட்டாங்க..

And I am In Love With You.."

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