Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Girl Who Chose - Devdutt Pattanaik

The Girl Who Chose is Devdutt Pattnaik's latest book where he narrates the epic Ramanayana in a new way. It's an illustration of Ramayana for children. This is the first Children's book I am reading, it's because I have never read any books other than my textbooks when I was a child, so thanks to Vivek Tejuja for sending me this as a part of Flipkart's blogger review program.

The Girl Who Chose explains Ramayana on the basis of five choices Sita made. Sita was not bound by any rules she was free to choose. Sita's five choices eventually makes Ramayana. It's a good start for young ones to know about Ramayana if they have not heard about it earlier.

The book was really interesting with its illustrations which run little over 100 pages. Devdutt have covered most of the important segments from the epic. And, as expected it was very simple and easy to read.

Even though Ramayana is all about Ram, Devdutt explains how important is Sita . Also, we get to know the Ramayana has happened only because of Sita and her choices. Like, if she has not stepped out of Lakshman Rekha to help someone or if she decided to escape from Ravan with the help of Hanuman.

Ramayana has numerous characters, Devdutt includes few important characters.  Also, he explains how a lot of animals helped Ram. Also, Devdutt says Ramayana has a lot of brothers and sisters, except Ram and Lakshman everyone was fighting among them. And, it doesn't end with Ram killing Ravan, it says Sita's fate and their children's after they return to their palace.

Not just the main story, Devdutt presents a lot of trivia and tit-bits about the characters and how Ramayana is interpreted throughout the world over the period of time. How each character and their actions are treated differently by each authors and people which are very interesting.

Ram is bound by the rules he will not break any even it does harm to him. Ravan never follows any rules. Sita is not bound by the rules she is free to choose, she breaks them to help others. So, we are free to decide, but we should be ready to face our consequences.

So, The Girl Who Chose is a must read especially for its illustrations and simple word which gives you the essence of the epic Ramayana.

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