Friday, 23 September 2016

Thodari - Train-wreck

The first thing that came to mind after watching Thodari's teaser was a dialogue from "Kandukondein Kandukondein", "train speeda poittu iruku, ellarum nega kadichittu parthittu irupanga appa Hero velia poi duet padittu varuvara", here our hero does that. Right from the teaser and trailer this movie doesn't invoke any interest to watch it even though it involves Dhanush, Prabhu Solomon, etc,. Even Prahu Solomon - Imman combo songs didn't help either.

The plot, it's another love story on an unstoppable train between a pantry boy, Dhanush and touch-up-cum-aspiring-singer-cum-loose-ponnu Keerthy Suresh. What starts as a love story with usual comedy later becomes a thriller when the train's engine driver dies and the train becomes "unstoppable".

The first half was filled with many characters like Karuna, Darbuka Siva, Thambi Ramaiah, Radharavi as a minister, Harish Uthaman as his guard on duty, etc,. The first half was mostly filled with comedy and unnecessary Tamil vs Kerala fight and Dhanush's love. The second half, what should have been a thriller was even more funnier than the first half. It was unintentionally funny in many places.

Dhanush, no idea why did he even accept this. It wasn't enjoyable to watch closeups of Keerthy Suresh sans makeup and what's with directors giving this "loose-ponnu" character to heroines. Tamil cinema is overusing this and it is not cute any more. And, here she is a complete loose who believes a tea-vendor is a close friend to Vairamuthu, and the list goes on and on till the climax, where you think she has escaped from mental asylum. Harish Uthaman's character was the most irritating throughout the first half. And, Radharavi as minister was only solace in this movie.

The thing with Prabhu Solomon A.M, (After Myna) is that he started making these "dheiveega kadhal-at-first-sight" movies. Be it Myna or Kumki or Kayal, it's all about "dheiveega kadhal-at-first-sight". And, here Dhanush feels like he won't get another girl if he misses this "loose ponnu", and we want to believe this is another "dheiveega kadhal". We don't even feel for this couple.

Prabhu Solomon, wants to take a dig at inefficient government employees and especially the over glorifying media, who does anything for TRP without knowing any facts. And, also mock their debate shows. He really lost the plot here, it isn't a complete love story or a satire or a thriller. And, the run-time of nearly three hours looks as long as a journey between New Delhi to Chennai that too with terrible VFX, even for the songs.

Everyone praises Prabhu Solomon for his realistic filmmaking, so he decides to make some unrealistic movie and thus Thodari was born. He makes the hero to dance, fight, romance, etc, on top of a moving train with 700 passengers, which is going at more than 120kmph. And, that's not the only unrealistic part here. People inside the train watch all the action live in their phones and laptop with the Jio connection I guess. And, this nonstop train was about to reach Chennai Centrail in six minutes and they don't even start evacuating people earlier than that. And, even in near death situation Karuan and Thambi Ramaiah makes comedy connecting Thambi Ramaiah with terrorists. And, they go on and on which gets irritating after a point, I just remember Chandler from FRIENDS "You have to stop the Q-Tip when there's resistance!".

Tamil cinema already ruined horror genre by making them into horror comedy, now Prabhu Solomon wants to attempt to localize these kinda thriller films it seems and the result was terrible. And, a dialogue from this film, "nalla idea kodukka Hollywood padam pakanum illa arivu iruntha pothum" suggesting this was his idea, I just wish he could have watched the Hollywood films instead.

My Rating - 0.5/5.0.