Monday, 10 October 2016

Pooja Weekend Movies - Rekka, Remo, Devi

Rekka - The first movie I saw this weekend. The hero’s name in this movie is Siva so you can easily guess the genre of this movie. VJS decided to have some fun and wanted to smash the goons in the air like our mass heroes do.

The plot is like any many other commercial movie. The comedy with Sathish works in some places. And, the second half have some senti scenes and a nice song “kannama” featuring a gorgeous Sija Rose as Mala akka in half-saree. I wish she had little more screen time.

The negatives are, couldn't take VJS as a guy who will send 100 men in the air with a single punch. The mass scenes didn't work much, but Imman’s bgm helps get pass them. And, Lakshmi Menon, it's very hard to see her with too much makeup. And, the good thing was she doesn't come into the movie for the first 45 minutes at least.

Overall it's just another passable commercial movie from VJS. And, Im sure he won't attempt another movie of the same kind soon because his Aandavan Kattalai released two weeks before was too good.

Remo - The much hyped SiKa’s movie which has soa top technicians and result was evident. The movie looks rich and colourful roping in PC helps big time.

Another movie on the line of Kadhal Mannan, Minnale, Titanic ;) where hero tries to woo the girl who's already engaged. And SiKa changes his getup and joins as a nurse in the same hospital where Keerthy Suresh works as a doctor.

The first half was fun, SiKa, Sathish and co takes care of the comedy and SiKa’s nurse getup looked good on screen and the nurse character does enough to confuse Keerthy Suresh. And, filled with enough cliches.

But, the second half was a let down. SiKa doesn't do anything to convince Keerthy Suresh to break up from her engagement other than just stalking her. SiKa doesn't do anything like Ajith in Kadhal Mannan or Madhavan in Minnale or Jack in Tittanic to win her over. But, as usual “that guy” with whom Keerthy was engaged was shown as a bad guy.

Overall SiKa does manage to deliver another commercially successful movie without worrying much about logic. And, the team thought the nurse getup was enough to sell this movie. But, I'll watch Kadhal Mannan or Avvai Shanmugi over Remo anyday.

Devi - AL Vijay’s back with a trillingual which brings back Prabhu Deva as a lead. And, its yet another horror comedy which has 2% of horror or Vijay didn't even try to scare us in any scene.

The plot is, thank god, not an usual revenge story like every horror movie in Tamil cinema. It's about a model’s wish to become a successful actress and uses Devi to fulfill its wish.

It's good to see Prabhu Deva as an actor instead of his nonsense crap bolly movies. He does excel in this role which brings out his comic best. And, Tamannah too has done both the roles well, dances well too. RJ Balaji with his limited screen timings works well.

But, the movie looked like a dubbed one in many scenes and Sonu Sood looked odd. And, there isn't any interesting twists or shocking scenes. At least the movie’s running length was just over two hours.
Overall Vijay’s attempt in this genre has few good moments and watchable. Better than his previous movie Idhu Enna Mayam. Watchable.

All three movies were better than Thodari, but not as good as Aandavan Kattalai. Not unbearable and nothing extraordinary.

Rekka - 2.5/5.0.
Devi - 2.5/5.0.
Remo - 2.5/5.0.