Monday, 31 October 2016

Skyfire - Aroon Raman

Skyfire, written by Aroon Raman, thanks to Flipkart Blogger Review found another new exciting Indian writer. This is Aroon Raman's third book and my first. Even though this book has the same characters from his previous book, he gives enough background information on each every character so it's not a mandatory to read his previous works to begin this.

Skyfire, is another thriller set in India with some deadly threats like weather manipulation and child trafficking. Right from the word go, this book has enough surprises. The prologue sets up the book nicely and gives us a glimpse of what is about to come.

Chandra, a journalist, Meenu, a history teacher, Haasan, a police officer, are friends for a long time. They start to look into a missing kid who's a regular to the school Chandra and Meenu maintain for orphans. They get to know its not just this single kid is missing, there are too many kids from different areas went missing. On the other hand, India gets attacked by mysterious acid rain attack in Indore which followed in many places within India all due to some weather anomaly. Nobody was able to find the reason behind this weather's behaviour.

So one side child trafficking within Delhi, on the other side series of weather anomaly which causes huge casualties and chaos, which is now a national threat. How and whether these two things are interconnected? Who's behind all these? We get the details of how they are connected, how Chandra, Meenu and Haasan get involved into this. And, how they solve the child trafficking and the threat caused to India from this weather manipulation. They travel from Delhi to Bhutan, and even involve Pakistan to solve this.

Once the villain is revealed, we can easily guess 'what' is going to happen, but Aroon Raman keeps it interesting by the way 'how' it happens. The possibilities of the things which can be done by manipulating the weather was unbelievable. The last few chapters were very shocking and brutal with things which are hard to even imagine.

The negative thing about this book is it was very easy to guess the villain when the character was introduced or even before when they talk about him. I wished he wasn't the one behind all this, but my prediction was right. And, usage of Hindi, which I couldn't get it. They kept talking about Shadow Throne, author's previous book, should read that next.

Overall, Skyfire was a riveting thriller and the things which were discussed in this book was scary. Weather manipulation, what a serious weapon it is, I hope no country uses it in warfare.

And, I am going to read other books of Aroon Raman soon.

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