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Deepavali 2016 - KODI Parakuthu

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Started Deepavali’s eve with this KJo’s romance starring Rambir, Anushka, Fawad and Aish. Pritam’s music was already topping the charts and the movie ran into enough controversy to raise the hype for this film.

This is another version of Rockstar, KJo’s version with Aish mixed into it. There was too many similarities which cannot be ignored. Right from the hero Rambir, who's trying to become a singer. And, someone advising him that he should have a heartbreak to give soul stirring music and the similarity doesn't end here.

The first half is how Ranbir gets friend-zoned by Anushka, who already had a bad breakup. And, it was fun, Ranbir and Anushka mocking some old Bollywood movies. Ranbir gets so attached, but Anushka sees him only as a friend. So its Ranbir’s Love vs Anushka’s Friendship till the end. 

In the second half, after he gets friend-zoned, Ranbir meets Aish. OMG she was stunning. But, Ranbir still struggles to forget Anushka who was now married to her ex-boyfriend (Fawad). The final moments gets too emotional. Also, the second half was little dragging.

Rabir as Ayan and Anushka as Alizeh has given some fantastic performance. Ranbir was too good for this role. Anushka too equally performed well. And, few nice cameos from Alia and SRK as well. Aish and Fawad have done their part well.

Pritam was biggest strength for this film, all his songs were too good aptly supported by Arjit's voice, just like Mohit's voice in Rockstar. We get two songs back to back and nobody complained. Cinematography was excellent with pleasing visuals and pleasing lead actors, shot mostly abroad.

So ADHM was too romantic and too emotional movie I have seen in recent times. It has some good performances, songs and a smoking hot Aish and most of all it's running with subs.

Kashmora - My most expected movie of this year Deepavali releases. After in the making for quite long time, this movie's first look posters and teasers were interesting which increased my hype even more. Gokul, who has given two contrasting movies, Rowthiram and iDhaba has come up with totally different genre again this time.

The plot, it was disappointing. After seeing the pre-release buzz I was expecting a totally different movie, but what we get was just another horror comedy. What ra?

First half introduces us to fake god man Karthi, as Kashmora and his whole family doing the same as business. Vivek as Karthi's father and Sri Divya as a student who was trying to expose them. And, a glimpse of what's in store in the second half. It has few fun scenes, but not much interesting. 

The second half we get to know about the much awaited historical sequence with Rajnayak, Karthi and  Rathnamadevi, Nayan, who was gorgeous. And, we get to know their history and why Kashmora and his family was selected by Rajnayak. And, it shares some funny moments as well.

Karthi was excellent as Kashmora, we get to know the meaning of this name as well, and as Rajnayak, a brutal "Thalapathi" of a kingdom, as well. Sri Divya does a regular role, nothing interesting. Nayan as Rathnamadevi was really good. I wish to see her as Nandini if someone decides to  make  Ponniyin Selvan into a movie.

The BGM was not great, but does it job in most parts. The songs were disappointing from SaNa, The movie could have been made a little crisp and all the marketing focused into the historical part which occupies less time. 

Overall, leaving my expectation, it was a good attempt for a horror genre except for its pace issues. 

Kodi - Dhanush's first dual hero role directed by Durai Senthilkumar of Ethir Neechal and Kakki Sattai fame. And, it comes after a disappointing Thanga Magan and a forgetful Thodari.

The first half shows the rise of Rudra and Kodi in their respective party (Republic and Democratic, just like USA ) and their love story. Also, Anbu, the twin brother's love story with egg seller Malathi, Anupama Parameshwaran. The politics keeps getting interesting and finally Kodi and Rudra face each other in a by-election. The second half was even more interesting when Kodi (or Anbu) and Rudra starts playing political game against each other.

Most of the scenes seems to be inspired from the headlines we have seen in recent times. And, I just wonder what really happened to all those news. And, Durai keeps us guessing with some interesting cat and mouse game with enough twists.

Dhanush has performed wonderfully both as Kodi and a timd Anbu. It was good to see him do both the characters at ease. Though its still hard to believe him as someone who can beat ten men. Anupama, gets a good debut in Tamil, though her character has lesser time. Trisha, gets one of a better roles in recent times, and she has tried hard to justify this role. And, I kept wondering how Nayan would have carried this role.

SaNa gets the songs right here, but the BGM was totally bad, felt silence in many scenes or is it the theatre's fault. I guess, maybe a deliberate effort from director and him. And, in some of the scenes could have had better scores. Other departments have done their job pretty good, stunts, editing, etc,.

Overall, an excellent and much needed comeback for Dhanush in his first dual role movie. Durai Senthilkumar's writing was better and he delivers a neat political drama. 

So, my pick of this Deepavali's releases is Kodi hands down.  KODI Parakuthu.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - 3.0/5.0.
Kashmora - 2.5/5.0.
Kodi - 3.5/5.0.

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