Wednesday, 19 October 2016

When Love Finds You - Yashodhara Lal

When Love Finds You is Yashodhara Lal's fourth book. Thanks to Flipkart Blogger Review program for sending me this which gave me an opportunity to know about yet another Indian author. Now, I should try reading her other books.

WLFY is about 'One Indian Girl/Woman' Natasha, a 35 year young VP in sales. She is still single and she is seen as a Hitler in her office. She's a strict boss who doesn't like excuses. The first part covers mostly what's said about Natasha in the book's description. And, introduces most of the characters her friend Priya, her annoying neighbor Mrs. Chopra, her new boss Rishab, who supposedly took her position and another new colleague Nikhil.

I must confess it really irritated me the way Natasha treated her team, her colleagues and even her friend. So, Natasha isn't another ordinary woman, she wants results and she feels her methods are right if it gives the results. And, other feels she lacks people skills. She is tough because the society never accepts a woman as a boss. And, the book also tells about the challenges she faces in the corporate world.

In the second part Natasha and Nikhil become friends. She gets to know more about Nikhil, a single father of a seven-year old girl Tisha. She gets friendlier with her annoying old neighbor Mrs. Chopra. And, her hate towards Rishab grows more and more on every occasion they have been together.

In the final part, Natasha and Nikhil relationship goes to next level. We finally get to know about her father and mother. And, her troubled relationship with her mother. She finally decides to put an end to her haunting memories of the past. And, all her problems seem to be solved after her trip to meet her mother. And, finally a happy ending.

Did Natasha change because of the love? And, even the problem in one of her team is suddenly fixed, but Natasha didn't do much. So, where was the A-game she always brings?

I haven't read the other books written by this author, but I can safely say Yashodhara Lal didn't bring her A-game here.

So, overall it was  just a time-pass page turner without many twist and turns. It just went the way you would have figured after the first part. But, it wouldn't be a waste of time to try this book, somehow you will end up reading till the end.

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