Saturday, 12 December 2015

Chennai Rains - Government Enters Notice Period Officially

Chennai is getting back to normal after the devastating effects of rain last week. Even now some of the places are yet to recover fully. Chennai never had this much amount of rains in last 100 years and the whole city came to a standstill for few days. Even though Chennai is not my native I still love this city and really enjoy staying here.

We struggled for some three days. None of the ATMs was working so we didn't have enough cash in our hand to eat. No power so we didn't even know what was happening around. No signals so we couldn't communicate with anyone outside. We almost led a technology detox and struck with sleeping and reading books.

Only after reaching a place with electricity we came to know the actual effect of this floods. It made us feel like we led a comfortable three days compared to what people were going through for those three days. Also, we came to know how many people in and around Chennai were helping everyone to get through this. Salute to all the real life heroes for making this happen. And, it was a shame to sit inside my home idly for three days without knowing what was happening around us. If these many people didn't volunteer then the effect of this floods would have been even worse and with this kind of government, not sure when Chennai would have been back to its normal life. They took so much trouble to reach for people struck in waters to rescue them, give them food and everything else. It was very sad to see people waving hands from their terrace to the helicopters asking for food.

Also, social media proved its power once again, and it made sure the help reaches everyone. And, many people volunteered to do relief work and made this huge. But, some morons were spreading fake news which travelled faster than light and reached everyone. And, few people fighting over actors' contribution instead of asking the same to their councillor, MLA and MP they have elected.

And, our government role in this flood, they not only abandoned the people in need, but they made sure they stop all the relief materials sent from various places and pasted "AMMA STICKERS". And, amid all these floods they printed those stickers of various sizes and had volunteers "தானாகவே  முன் வந்து" pasted those stickers. I couldn't believe someone has thought of this idea and this made the people, even more, angrier.

All our ministers and mayor were afraid to take any questions from the media. That was understandable because our CM hasn't given any statements and our ministers are not allowed/capable of making any statements of their own. Still we haven't seen our CM in any press meet or launch any formal investigation on why this flood have happened since many sites reported this flood was man-made which could have been avoided or at least the loss could have been reduced. But, still our government made sure all the TASMAC shops are open so people can get over their loses with the boozes, hats off.

With the state elections are around the corner, this Amma DMK government is working like an employee in his notice period, doing nothing, knowing that the end is near. Looks like Amma has already given up on next elections and the way they handled this flood proves us they have entered their notice period officially.

Get well soon Chennai and bounce back in style.

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