Friday, 13 May 2016

Tamil Nadu Elections - VOTE WITHOUT FAIL

Another election in the mid of another IPL season. This time TN state election. This must be the first time I am seeing too many prominent teams playing here rather than two the big DKs.

So, ADMK is once again contesting in maximum number of seats as good as going solo. After a uninspiring five years and failed campaign, JJ took last best shot in her manifesto, freebies. Right from electricity, smart phone, scooter, etc. going to be free. Once again I hope our people don't get fooled by this. And, now JJ decides to prohibit liquor in our state "padi padiyaga", after keeping mum for the last few years when there were too many agitation against it. This is taking people for granted. The last five years were really worse phase and when she was in jail everything collapsed here and ADMK's failed to impress me with their sticker atrocities and incapable ministers who won't or can't make a decision on their own.

DMK, they have done few good when they were in the power last time, but once again they get them into numerous scandals. Also, they will not be able to control their own party members once they come to power. And, the biggest facepalm this time is joining hands with congress again after trying hard to bring in Vijaykanth. And, still not able to announce Stalin as their CM candidate. Their manifesto looks good, looks like they have done their homework. But, they don't give a feeling like they are going to win big this time.

The third front was usually nothing in the past, but this time time we have quite a few parties here. So it's more than three this time. First, the MNK, MDMK + two  communists and VC joined and started this election's work together, but once they brought in Vijaykanth they have handed him nearly half the seats and announced him as CM candidate. He's even struggling to speak a few lines properly. And, Vaiko has decided not even contest after forming this front. They don't even bring any hope as an alternative to the big DKs.

Next, we have Anbumani Ramadoss, who is more confident of becoming the next CM than Virat Kohli during a chase. And, PMK are the first party to start the groundwork for this election and they have really turned few heads around this time and decided to go solo after being in either one of the DK team till now. Looks like Anbumani has a few good schemes, but not sure whether he will get a chance. And, the biggest black mark is, they are always referred as a "Jaathi Katchi".  Even now Ramadoss fails to comment on that honor killing happened few months back during a press meet. It will be hard to remove that tag from their party. Let's see whether they have any part to play in this election if nobody wins big and PMK wins a few seats which could decide the ruling party. Will there be a "Maattram, Munnettram", lets see.

Seeman's Naam Thamizhar is a new and an interesting party to watch out for this election. Some of the schemes they have promised are really good and some of them terrifying as well. And, it will take them at least 50 year to implement everything he has promised. And, they have researched thoroughly on every department before preparing the manifesto. It will be good if they manage to win a few seats or at least Seeman to win and show what they are capable of and maybe they can play a bigger role next time. I hope Seeman doesn't go Vijaykanth way in the coming years.

And, few others like BJP and others are contesting just for the sake of it like our Minnows in every world cup. It's highly unlikely that they will upset any big team's candidate.

Going by the history this time DMK should win, but lets see if the history repeats or there is some new surprises in the store.

So, election commission is conducting a vigorous campaign for TN100Percent. Let's see how that goes. I hope we set some example for other states to follow. Everyone should analyze their candidates in their constitution and choose the best person irrespective of their party. And, I feel if you don't even vote you lose your rights to complain against the government. Don't give excuses, vote without fail.

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