Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Wedding Photographer - Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

The Wedding Photographer is the debut of author Sakshama Puri Dhariwal. I got this book via Flipkart Blogger Review Program. Thanks to them or else I would have certainly missed this.

The Wedding Photographer, is light weight rom-com novel by the debut author. The plot is when a part-time wedding photographer and a full-time journalist Risha gets upgraded to business class in her travel from America to Delhi she meets a real estate tycoon Arjun, who hates journalists. And, coincidentally Risha's next big assignment was Arjun's sister's wedding next week. Risha got this big gig through her friend and colleague Nidhi. They both get to know each other during their time in the flight. And, what happens during the wedding and after that. The fun, fight, misunderstanding, romance fills the novel.

The book has three parts, the first happens in the flight, the seventeen hour journey. The second is the Big Fat Punjabi wedding. The third part is after the wedding. The first two parts are mostly fun. Risha's experience in the flight with the kid Bunty in the next seat and her fight with the air hostess Bitchika, who hates Risha for no reason. I wished Risha and Arjun had more interaction during the flight time.

The second part was the big fat punjabi wedding. It gets bigger and bigger each day and we get to know about the ceremonies through the lens of Risha. And, it was mostly fun as well with the different characters from the wedding. Especially Arjun's Nani, who was like the boss of the family. Then Risha's friend Rishab, who was a gay. I haven't seen a gay character in the few books I have read so far that too from our Indian authors. It was good to see his character wasn't treated differently. And, also one Priye Ma, goddess lady and her actions were hilarious. Everyone seems to be boozing most of the time during the wedding.

Few misunderstanding happens between Risha and Arjun right from the start. When they overcome one by one and finally gets together the final and biggest misunderstanding happens during the third part of the book. And, Arjun thinks he was cheated again. Even this wasn't like a biggest unbelievable forced conflict to move the story forward.

The book looks authentic, you can relate every scene and they are believable. It has many interesting characters, especially Risha's friend Nidhi's husband Vikram, who's a cricket player. I think his character is based on Virat Kohli. Vikram is team's vice captain, got man of the series in India's tour to Australia and he travels to Srilanka for his next assignment. It is definitely Virat ;). And, Risha shot to fame after shooting Nidhi and Vikram's wedding. Who doesn't after shooting Virat's wedding?

Those who love rom-com and bollywood movies must try this. It's fun and makes you laugh or at least smile every two pages and very lighthearted. It won't take much time than a movie's time to finish this. The writing was very simple just like the plot. The author didn't make anything complex, not much of big twists. A simple, neat and straight forward rom-com by Sakshama Puri Dhariwal on her debut.

Grab your copy here http://bit.ly/1WTQUD0

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