Saturday, 7 May 2016

24 - Basically a good movie

24, Surya’s ambitious sci-fi movie directed by Vikram Kumar and music by none other than ARR. Surya plays triple roles twin brothers Sethuraman and Athreya, Sethuraman’s win son Mani.

Mani is basically a watch mechanic and everything is “sarvasatharanam” to him. And, by everything I mean everything, he can suddenly become a scientist too. After, a fight between the bros where Athreya kills his bro and his wife in search of that watch we get to the present where Mani gets to know about that watch which was with him all these years. 

The first half was filled with romance and fun. Mani tries to woo Samantha with his watch. Few sequences were hilarious, the one where Surya tries to puncher Sam's scooty was damn funny.  Especially the Time Freeze concept and the way they have used it was a real treat to watch, should applaud Vikram Kumar's writing here. The second half is where Athreya tries to get back the watch and it has enough drama than thrills. And, he isn't deadly enough, he gets back to play Sethuraman in a wheelchair for most of the second half so once again he acts like a good guy. 
Surya as usual brilliant as a good guy, scientist, Sethuraman and watch mechanic Mani. His Athreya role was good as well, but it isn't deadly. I felt Athreya had very little screen time, but the posters like "Villathi Villainai Surya" and all little too much. Samantha was so cute in each in every scene. Saranya as Mani’s mom, another cakewalk for her. And, Nithya Menon just did a cameo and she was good.

The movie’s technical team delivered a knockout job. The VFX were brilliant and the art direction department as well. And, Thiru’s camera work is stunning, especially the initial sequences and chases. I'm slightly disappointed with ARR’s BGM, it really stayed back in every scene. I never went wow in any scene which was really unbelievable, But, the songs Mei Nigara and Naa Un was brilliant and pictured beautifully as well. 

For a movie with time travel concept 24, isn't confusing at all . And, they didn't have too many restrictions and rules as well. The director’s vision was clear and he didn't deviate from it. There were enough twists and turns as well once Athreya comes back to Mani’s life to get back the watch. And, a sci-fi film with a lot of drama and sentiments was how good they managed to fit this to local taste. And, the interval block was really a high point in the movie.

The romance portion in the second half was a bit lengthy followed by a song which really drags the movie. It could have been trimmed. Mani, basically a watch mechanic, who adds some feature to that watch which was invented by a scientist was really too much. And, the climax looked rushed could have been more detailed with some more twists maybe.

Overall 24 wasn't disappointing at all. It has its moments which really worth a WATCH. I must say Project 24 is a success. Vikram Kumar once again comes up with an exciting project after 13B and Manam, really looking forward to his next, but definitely not for Surya's next S3. I would be really disappointed if people didn't support this movie as much as they supported Vedhalam or Theri.

My Rating - 3.5/5.0.

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