Monday, 20 June 2016

Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada - GVM + ARR as good as GVM + Harris

Finally the songs of AYM is out which was started way before Yennai Arindhal. Does GVM ever disappointed with his movie's sound track? No. And, his record continues in AYM also, his second outing with ARR after their fantastic VTV.

Thalli Pogathey: The most heard teaser in recent times should be this song's one minute teaser. The amount of curiosity it created was sky high and that one minute teaser went viral. And, the full song didn't disappoint as well. The much expected "Thalli Pogathey" line was delayed in the full song to tease everyone. Sid Sriram once again did a fantastic job for ARR. Also, Thamarai's lyrics or as she said it's more of a "kavidhai", is wonderful. This song doesn't follow the usual pattern and ARR does this time and time again easily. FAVORITE.

Rasaali: The second single and it tops the previous song. A song with strong classical touch from ARR, Shasha and Satya Prakash continues from where they left in "Naane Varugiren." Once again Thamarai's lyrics for GVM's movie is topnotch as if only she can write those. Shasha rocks that "ninnukori" part of this song and Satya Prakash during the lines "Ettu thisai" which sounds like "Muthai Thiru". FAVORITE.

Idhu Naal: Only song which was not released as single or even a teaser and it beautiful as well. This song totally belongs to Madhan Karky's beautiful verses and I think this is his first song for a GVM's movie. Didn't like the tempo change towards the end, but otherwise another likeable song in this album. FAVORITE.

Showkali: My least favorite song of this album so far and an odd song in this album. It's about guys love towards his bike. It sounds like a mix of "Attakara" and "PettaiRap". ADK as usual bursts through this song with a lot of energy. And, someone singing few lines faster than those who say, "MutualFundsInvestmentAreSubjected" in the TV advertisements so it's hard to get the lyrics.

Avalum Naanum: My favorite song from this album. I liked those two lines when it was released in the first teaser itself, "Avalum Naanum Amuthum Thamizum, Avalum Naanum Alaiyum Kadalum". I assumed it's written by Thamarai, but these lines are from one of the Pavendhar Bharathidasan's poems. And, ARR has tuned it perfectly and Vijay Yesudas breezes through this song as good as his father. The violin solo sounded odd at first hearing, but it sounds perfect after repeated hearing followed by a blissful flute. Cheers to GVM (I assume) for choosing this poem and ARR for making it as a wonderful song. MOST FAVORITE.

When Thalli Pogathey released it was instant hit and became everyone's favorite, but after the album's release each one will have their own favorite from these five songs. Wish the album had few more songs. GVM's track record continues, one director who consistently delivers fantastic albums and will not miss to film it as well. Now, I just hope the movie releases soon.

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