Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Kabali Songs - Neruppu Daaa...

The much awaited album of this year, at least for me, is out. SaNa scoring for Superstar is like a dream come true. Never thought someone other than ARR will work with Superstar. When the film was first announced with SaNa as music director my first thought was Gana Bala singing for Superstar and it happened.

Vaanam Paarthen - SaNa's regular Pradeep Kumar handles this pathos song well as usual. It's interesting to hear a pathos song in our Superstar's movie, now waiting to see this on screen. The orchestration is very minimal and could establish some emotional connect of the film.

Maya Nadhi - The only song which comes close to a duet in this album. Pradeep Kumar as usual shines in another SaNa's melody, but it was Ananthu's voice which I liked more in this song. The lyrics, "Thooya naraiyilum kadhal malarudhe", suggest this is older Kabali's romance. IMPRESSED.

Veera Thurandhara - Gana Bala for Superstar happened in this song. Gana Bala sounds very different from his usual self and it's fantastic with  SaNa's stamp all over the song. And, the rap portions make this a stylish don song, can't wait to see Thalaivar's swag in this song. IMPRESSED

Ulagam Oruvanukka -  This song is like a group of  Rajini fans come together to celebrate our Superstar. SaNa, Gana Bala and others sing this spiritedly and the output is fantastic and energetic. The KabliSwag rap portions in the middle is too good. And, if it the opening song then, this is way different from Superstar's opening numbers over the years. No hero praising or advising the youngsters or dropping hints on Rajini's entry into politics are present in the lyrics.

Neruppu Da - The opening siren sound, the electronic guitars and the whistles with the Arunraja Kamaraj's singing makes this song of this album for sure. Arunraja Kamaraj with his lyrics and singing with support by SaNa's fantastic orchestration owns this song or even this album completely. And, what more it has Superstar himself mouthing some dialogues especially that 'Naan vanthuten nu sollu' is the highlight of this track and can't wait to experience this in theater with the fans. Heard this again and again repetedly before moving on the next songs. The "Mass" will be redefined for sure this year. MIGHTY IMPRESSED

Ranjith and SaNa delivered an album which completely related to the movie which results in a different album for a Rajini film. Now, can't wait for the movie. 

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