Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Losing My Religion - Vishwas Mudagal

Losing My Religion is author Vishwas Mudagal's debut work. I got this book from the FINGERPRINT! publishers, another book through Flipkart Blogger Review Program.

LMR, is about a young entrepreneur, Rishi's journey after he lost everything. He meets a hippie from US Alex and they start their journey together leaving everything behind. They do some crazy stuffs and Rishi meets his love Kyra and things get interesting once they get to know who she is. And, they all end up in a reality show to prove themselves to this world. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride for Rishi. Rishi and Alex goes to Malana, then Om beach, then Maha Kumbh Mela and finally to the USA.

Rishi's first trip was to Malana with his new friend Alex, who's a careless go lucky hippie. It's interesting to know about this place, where people think all the outsiders are untouchables and their main business is to sell Malana Cream, purest marijuana. They think they are descendants of Greek and they have their own laws. Rishi and Alex have a great time until they create some trouble to the people there and they have to escape from that place ends up being a thrilling experience. It was good to know about this place, which is in India.

The next part is Rishi and Alex end up on Om beach, another place you would like to visit after reading this. They get hold of some Malana Cream during their escape and they decide to own a shack in that beach by selling it. They ends up buying an old shack and renovates it and things get going as per their plan. Then, Rishi meets Kyra in a casino at Goa during a video game championship event and he even compete against her. And, Rishi falls for her right away, they end up together, but eventually she leaves him to go back to her home, U.S.

In the next part Rishi struggles to get over Kyra, they go to Maha Kumbh Mela, one of the largest human congregations on the Earth. Rishi gets back to his business skills and Kyra joins him finally. We get to know about one of the biggest event. Rishi forms a team called The Coconutwallahs and they start selling coconuts and eventually turn this into bigger and they make millions.

And, the next part was full of surprise and exiting. where we get to know who's Kyra and her background and where it leads Rishi, Kyra and Alex to. And, they finally ends up participating in a reality show and things get really exciting. It was a different reality show and they compete against a biggest businessman.

The good thing about this book there was never a dull part in it. It was hard to put down and things keep getting interesting on the go. Alex character is the most funniest and he had a big influence on Rishi. And, Kyra, a strong woman character who wasn't just for romance, she was as good as Rishi in everything.

The end suspense could have been guarded, we know Rishi's going to win and we also know how even before we reach the end. Overall, Vishwas Mudagal's excellent debut, looking forward to his next or even a sequel to this LMR.

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